Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Forlorn Dragon Fruit

Somehow a dragon fruit found its way into my fridge. At a loss as to what to make of it, I left it there until a friend of mine found it and decided to try to eat it. We googled how to eat a dragon fruit, and tried it out. For those of you who have no idea what a dragon fruit looks like:

As you can probably tell, the whole fruit is in fact round, but to eat one must cut it in half to get to the edible part.

In a nutshell
1) Cut in half
2) Scoop out flesh
3) Make sure there is no pink on the flesh
4) Cut into cubes
5) Eat

We found it very bland, so we tried to dip them in spices, including but not limited to: cinnamon, paprika, cocoa powder, cardamom, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, nutmeg, salt, and others.

Some worked, some didn't-- but we found at the end when we were trying to finish the extra spices that it was actually good if you mixed all the spices together and dipped the dragon fruit in that.

The next morning I tried the dragon fruit with mango cubes and my morning yogurt and sugar. It was wonderful. Another fruit combo that is quite good is pineapple and guava together.

Happy tropical eating,


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