Sunday, March 27, 2011

Re-match in Chess?


This March marked our one year anniversary, so as the 14th rolled around I searched for a pie to make. Of course all of my classic cooking blogs had a feature on it-- so it was a sea of opportunity. Given all the lovely pies, I couldn't resist trying more than one-- although I let someone else actually make the second. On 3.14, we ended up having pie for dinner and dessert. Last year, I made a Lemon Chess Pie, which turned out beautifully, so I couldn't resist when I saw it in another one of my favorite flavors: Chocolate.

The saying "easy as pie" comes to mind. The whole experience was simple, and filled my kitchen with a lovely buttery, sugary, chocolaty smell. By the time it was done (I got started pretty late) everyone was ready to dig in... conveniently forgetting the chill step. So we sliced up the spongy melty warm pie! Talk about your melt in your mouth goodness.

I especially loved this recipe because it was simple, chocolate-y, and used a graham cracker crust (so easy and yummy). Plus it used unsweetened baker's chocolate-- the only type that doesn't get eaten straight up shortly after buying in my house! I couldn't find chocolate graham crackers, so I used regular-- which worked swimming-ly (although it was seriously sweet).

The next day I brought slices in to share with my work friends-- after a day in the fridge, the spongy melt had congealed into a graham cracker edged piece of fudge... no complaints from me! It was just as good cold, a day later, as hot, straight out of the oven.

It travels well, no breaking up or flaking of (some crumbs, but mostly kept itself together...)

Happy Belated Pie Day!