Sunday, May 8, 2011

When you go into emergency mode...


Even though I should probably get off this sugar kick, soonish, no one can deny the infallibility of chocolate in times of desperation.

Although thankfully I've avoided desperate times lately (shout out to lifestyle changes... they do wonders), I couldn't resist the combination of chocolate and quick and easy.

As I was procrastinating, I stumbled from Doctor Who, to How-to videos, to 5 minute chocolate cake... ohh the wonders of YouTube.

Now, considering how easy, quick, and simple (yes I realize that is pretty much saying the same thing 3 times...) I was expecting this cake to be way south of good quality, and was pleasantly surprised at the mediocrity of this one... it was perfectly respectable (not gourmet, but did the trick).

So if a girlfriend was dumped, you're close to crashing during finals, or just 'cause you're craving warm chocolate cake-- this is definitely an option. Especially if you're in a questionably equipped college dorm-room... all you need is a mug, a table spoon (even the proportions don't need to be super exact, just all the same), and a microwave. A fork might be useful for whisking eggs, and a bowl, but I'm sure you can be creative with the mug and spoon, worst-case.

I would suggest playing with the flavor dash, to add a different kick to your treat. I just went with vanilla, but if I ever do this for my sister, I'd probably have to substitute for mint!

If you want to class it up a bit, try cooking it in glass bowls, then taking a melon baller (or a good old fashioned spoon) and take a bit out of the center... you could try "a la volcano cake" and put a chocolate sauce in there, or a dollop of whipped cream, or just pile on some ice cream.

I ate mine with some of the never-ending vanilla ice-cream in my freezer (that we keep around for cobblers, pies and anything in need of a basic cooler... but don't make those enough the ever finish it). I'd say that the cake isn't quite classy enough to pull it off at a dinner party, but definitely works for hanging with the family on a late summer night on the porch with music and tea (or port). Even more appropriate when cooking for yourself (my standards are way lower when cooking for just me...)

See you in five!


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