Monday, April 12, 2010

Synonym Buns

Okay first a joke, well a guess first a photo then a joke. A person (just to maintain political correctness) walks into a bakery. He looks around and decides what he wants to get, so he goes up to the counter and says "Could I get one of those pastries?" Soon after he says so, he hears lots of tiny voices say "don't ya mean danish?" He shrugs it off thinking he's imagining things. He looks around and asks for a couple cookies. Again he hears the little voices say "don't ya mean biscuits?". He looks around and no one seems to have heard... so he shrugs it off again. Finally he goes up to the counter and asks for a pie, and immediately afterward the itty voices say "don't you mean tart?". He looks around wildly and asks the baker "Didn't you just hear that?!?", a little crazily. The baker looks up mildly, and reassures him, "Oh don't worry about them, they're just the Cinnonym Buns."

Here is a lovely recipe for quick (for a cinnamon bun recipe that is) and easy cinnamon buns sans (without?) any yeast or rising time. It was really yummy. The only additions I made were adding apples and walnuts to the filling. I also made 12 instead of 8 and put them into a muffin pan so they wouldn't stick together and be messier than they already are. They were the perfect amount of sweet. On it's own it was not at all two sweet. The cream cheese icing was yummy but not at all necessary, they got eaten so quickly I didn't get very good pictures. See what you think!