Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Pi Day!!!

So despite having made Amma's very yummy spinach pie two days earlier... I decided to celebrate Pi day in style. For dinner, (my helpful kitchen minion, Kenneth) and I made a Zucchini and Tomato Quiche. My recipe was very close to Da's Leek and Tomato quiche from the previous post.. I, however, replaced the leeks with onion and zucchini (also sauteed in butter with some salt, pepper and marjoram). I also (due to the contents of the fridge) used a mixture of Gruyère, Emmental and Cheddar cheese. Topping it all of was a sprinkling of salt, pepper, marjoram and basil. Yum :)

For dessert, I took a page out of Lakshmi's favourite food blog:

I made the Nutmeg Maple Cream Pie. As a rule, I do not like overly sweet pies, and maple pies are usually among the worst offenders. This pie, however managed to stay light and sweet without being sickening. I followed the recipe pretty carefully; however, I skipped the straining step and chose to add some cinnamon and allspice. It turned out beautifully. As an added bonus I paired it with some raspberries and a glass of good scotch. All in all a perfect meal :D

(here is the recipe for the maple cream pie:

P.S. Due to the size of my pie tins, I had some of the maple cream mixture as well as some of the eggs from the quiche left over.. We mixed them up and had maple infused french toast for breakfast! (These past couple of meals are a heart attack waiting to happen but at least we will die happy :D)

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